Nebraska Is Actively Trying to Get Out of Its Game With Oklahoma Next Season After Scott Frost Said They'd Play in Uzbekistan If They Had To

Boy, all that talk from Scott Frost about how badly he wanted to play anyone anywhere sure evaporated quickly when he remembered Nebraska had a game scheduled against Oklahoma this season. If Nebraska really does end up backing out of the 50th anniversary of the Game of the Century, it would be one of the most embarrassing moves I can remember in college football.

I can't even understand how anybody at Nebraska would think this is a good idea. Just go take your ass whooping and save yourself the storyline of being the most chickenshit program in the country — which is largely already ruined by virtue of it leaking that they're even trying to get out of the game. It's not like the Cornhuskers have College Football Playoff aspirations they're trying to protect.

And it would be one thing if this was just any given downtrodden program, but this is a team led by the guy who said just six months ago that he'd take his team to play in Uzbekistan if he had to.

I've gotten used to Tennessee being an embarrassment — both on and off the field — but I would be genuinely ashamed to be an alumnus if my school pulled something like this. It's one thing to lose games, it's another to admit you're such a joke of a program that you're going to cancel a matchup meant to be a celebration of one of the best games in the history of the sport because you're scared.

Scott Frost should have stayed at UCF. It's very clear he was not made to lead a Power Five program with any sort of expectations.