Virginia AND Now Kansas Don't Know If They Will Be Eligible To Play In The NCAA Tournament Because Of Positive COVID Tests

Well, I said there'd be anarchy and now we might have it for the wrong reason. Virginia's eligibility for the NCAA Tournament is officially up in the air. In fact they have no idea if they'll be able to do it. There are a few notable things here. First, the NCAA did lay out a rule that 5 players just have to be able to play before a team is eliminated from the NCAA Tournament. 

They do have some time to make a decision - according to David Teel, the deadline is 11pm tomorrow to tell the NCAA they CAN'T participate. We don't know what the situation is at Virginia except that the player who tested positive did play yesterday. We assume there's contact tracing and everything like that, but if they have enough negative tests, I assume they'll go to the NCAA Tournament. Remember, they do need 7 consecutive days of negative tests before they can travel to Indianapolis. So right off the bat we know that the person with the positive test won't travel. We just don't know what else they have from a testing standpoint. 


This is from Sporting News:

“If a participant tests positive prior to arrival into Indianapolis, or is determined to be a close contact, they will be managed by the local public health authority and cannot travel to Indianapolis until their period of isolation or quarantine is completed.”

So a lot of this comes down to how many individuals are deemed “close contacts” of the person who tested positive, and also to how many might test positive before the Cavaliers team plane would be scheduled to depart for IND.

So right now it's wait and see. It'd be so fucking brutal for this team to not be able to play in the NCAA Tournament because of this. They are a top-5 seed, not like they are on the bubble or would have had to win the ACC Tournament or anything. 


After I wrote this all, news broke about Kansas

Again, why the fuck wasn't there a week between conference tournaments and the NCAA? Why are we starting on Friday? Next week should have been empty to avoid shit like this. Give everyone a week for the testing and start a week later. This could have been done and frankly should have been done. 


It does seem like Kansas sounds a little more optimistic than Virginia strictly based on statements.