Anthony Edwards Had No Idea That It Was Tradition To Pour Water On A Coach After His First Win, The Moment He Finds Out Is My Favorite Highlight

Anthony Edwards is the funniest guy in sports and I won't hear any arguments. Sure, we can talk about his dunk without talking about his stats because awesome dunks are awesome dunks and we're not nerds. We can debate if the Wolves should have just taken LaMelo Ball first overall. But Anthony Edwards is high comedy. Him finding out about the Irish accent might have been my favorite moment: 

This preseason interview is still 2 minutes of pure hilarity 

He made a pitch about being the No. 1 overall pick because being cold doesn't bother him

And now this. The moment it clicks that this is what he's supposed to do and just pours an entire bottle of water directly on the head of Chris Finch is perfect.

"I didn't know it was a tradition to celebrate the coach's first win," he added. "But now I do."

He's just sitting in his locker watching it all unfold and then realizes oh wait it's a team thing. I'd be pissed if I were Finch. Sure it's a win, but you're not trying to freeze your ass off. You don't need an entire bottle of water on your head after your body starts to adapt. Call me simple minded, I don't care. This is hilarious.