Reminder That Normal Isn't Always Better: The NFL Will Allow Teams To Have Draft War Rooms This Year Instead Of Everyone Drafting From Their Homes

The world is slowly but surely opening up again and we are starting to see some light at the end of this tunnel of shit that was the last year, which everyone with a soul has to be THRILLED about. 

But I just wanted to remind everyone that there were a couple of decent moments that came out of the awfulness of the last 365 days. Coach Duggs came into our life, the actual human Coach Duggs came into our life, and the NFL Draft was awesome outside of finding out every single misfortune that ever occurred in a player's life.

We had Bill Belichick's dog becoming the latest member of the family to contribute to the Pats by making a draft pick

Got a reason to hate Kliff Kingsbury outside of his good looks, job, and paycheck

Andy Reid showing up in island casual attire in peak Andy Reid fashion (that's a double entendre. I think)

Dave Gettleman with a binder that singlehandedly kept Dunder Mifflin in business

The Vikings front office HOWLING in laughter that they got Justin Jefferson after the Eagles passed on him


And of course someone at Mike Vrabel's house dropping a deuce...

...which ironically led to their shitty Isaiah Wilson pick (who has already been traded) in the first round, which led to at least the highlight of Wilson's career if not the entire draft.

All that will be gone this year in exchange for a bunch of masked up guys pumping their fists from a responsible distance after a pick in sterile rooms filled with waters and diet sodas that somehow all look the same despite being scattered across the country. The lesson as always is that you don't know what you got til it's gone. Adam Duritz of The Counting Crows said that so you know it's true.