PJ Tucker Has Decided To Straight Up Stop Playing For The Rockets

Cato Cataldo. Getty Images.

Quick update on how things are currently going in Houston. James Harden did his thing, quit on the team and ended up exactly where he wanted to go, only to then turn back into an MVP caliber player. They released Boogie. Christian Wood got hurt and the team has lost 14 in a row. Now, it's PJ Tucker's turn. He's had enough of this bullshit and has decided enough is enough. It is very weird how they've handled both Tucker and Eric Gordon's situation. There is no need for them to be on the roster as this team goes full rebuild. You would think they would be flipped by now, and it's clear PJ Tucker feels the same way

He's obviously going to be one of the most sought after trades/buy out guys this deadline. The question is what version of PJ Tucker are you getting. In "theory" he's a legit veteran you can play off the bench who is tough as nails, can defend, and will stand in the corner and knock down threes. He's an ideal role player on a contender when he's at his best.

But then you see he's shooting 36/31% this year and it's fair to wonder how much he has left. He's appeared in 32 games so it's a decent sample size. How much of that is due to his situation and how much of it is him maybe being washed? The good news is he is not expensive to trade for if they don't uy him out. He makes just $7M. That's low enough to where if you're a good team you take a flier on him. Low risk high reward type move since it won't cost a lot in terms of assets to get him, he is 35 after all.

That's why you'll hear the same teams are in on PJ Tucker. The Lakers especially. I just wonder if he's more a "name" than someone that can still help a team win. Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes, and it's not like there are a ton of options on the market right now if you need bench depth.


It's just crazy how fast things have changed for the Rockets. That's the NBA I guess. Tucker was beloved in Houston and in a blink of an eye look how things can turn. He knows they stink. He knows there's no reason for him to waste his time, and he's going to get what he wants. He'll be traded or bought out and will join a contender. That's basically how things work nowadays.