The Bucs Respond to the Pats Re-signing Cam Newton by Extending Tom Brady Another Year. It's ON!

Whoa! If this isn't a dramatic turn of events. The bold moves are coming so fast and furious this morning it's almost impossible to keep up. I can't help but imagine someone came running down the halls of the Buccaneers headquarters, burst into Jason Licht's office and yelled "The Patriots just re-signed Cam Newton!" 


And so the arms race between these two superpowers escalates. One side builds a nuke, the other develops an H-bomb. One puts a man in orbit, the other puts two men on the moon. The Patriots bring back the quarterback who led them to seven wins with eight touchdown passes, the Bucs add a year to the quarterback who led them to 15 wins with 50 touchdowns, 5,600 yards and a championship. New England gets another season with the guy who bested Sam Darnold, Tampa settles for the man who beat Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes. Cam Newton will once again get to hook up with N'Keal Harry and his two touchdowns and 22.1 yards per game average. Tampa slaps the Franchise tag on Chris Godwin to keep his seven TDs and 70.0 YPG on the roster for another season for Tom Brady. Newton gets back his three tight ends who combined for one touchdown, Brady will get Gronk again, who had two TDs in the first 20 minutes of the Super Bowl. And the Cold War rages on. 

The true pisser of this will be when we get the exact figure of Brady's salary. Last season he had just the sixth biggest cap number among QBs at $25 million. Don't be the least bit shocked if it turns out this extension works out to a pay cut to help get his already stacked roster upgraded and the franchise where he's found his bliss out of cap prison (they're currently $5.5 million over, the seventh worst in the league according to Over the Cap). 

Meanwhile, according to reports, Newton's new deal might quadruple or even quintuple his paycheck from 2020:

The best part of all of this is that we'll now get to see these two newly re-signed titans go at it this season. At Gillette. Mano y mano. Date and time TBD. 

At least everybody else will. The way today is going, I might lose the will to live long before then. Someone just messaged me to talk him off the ledge. I will. But only to make room for me.