The Greatest Shirt In Barstool Chicago History Is The Giveaway Promotion Today And You'd Be A Fool If You Didn't Want It

If you remember this shirt...congratulations. You are an OG Barstool Chicago guy and I love you. In my humble, expert opinion, it is the single greatest shirt Barstool Chicago has ever released. You can't buy it. We can't even sell it. You can get it simply by downloading the world's most popular app and betting $25 on the Bulls game. That's it. Win or lose you still win because you have the greatest shirt for the greatest quarterback in Bears history. 

You're actually stupid if you don't do this. That's a free tshirt OR you're getting paid to get it. Do you want to wake up tomorrow when this shirt is gone forever and look in the mirror and realize you're an idiot. I don't want that for you so just do what you think is right to get that shirt. Be on the team.