Dan Hurley Says James Bouknight Getting Carried Around The Tunnel Because Of Cramps Was 'James Just Being Overly Dramatic'

Goddamnit I hate how much I love Dan Hurley. The dude is clearly electric on the sidelines and you never know when you're going to get a random Hurley explosion but now he's cracking jokes? He's truly made for Twitter. Everyone in the world was getting the jokes off with the image of Bouknight getting carried through the tunnel like he was Dave at the Super Bowl: 

Quite literally everything went right tonight for UConn besides Bouknight's cramps. Gotta admit these are the most aggressive cramps I've ever seen. Never seen that sort of look from someone with a cramp, but if Dan Hurley says Bouknight is playing tomorrow, well buddy, guess who is suiting up. 

UConn/Creighton tomorrow with Raft on the call? Sign me the fuck up.