Mike Trout Did The Mike Trout Thing He Always Does And Almost Hit A Home Run Out Of The Park

Not that it matters at all to a guy like Mike Trout, but he finally got on the board for Spring Training home runs with this majestic shot yesterday. Almost left the ballpark entirely too. All the way up that little hill back there but just barely stayed in, again he's still getting warmed up so it's okay that the power wasn't fully there to leave the ballpark. I'm mostly just excited about the Trout horn being back. It's easily one of my favorite things in the game. Prob gonna hear it around 40 times this season so be prepared. But I discovered something more troubling when doing a deeper dive into Trout this season.

Look at him in that picture. What are we doing with that beard? Come on man, you're the best player in baseball, you're a Hall Of Famer is you retired this literal second, we gotta get you some better facial hair. Best player in baseball has to be able to grow a beard, no other way around it. I have faith with his dad strength coming fully in this season that we can see a fully bearded Mike Trout, I just hope its in the playoffs and he's still hitting bombs. Because god knows we need the best player in the game to finally sniff the playoffs again.