Fitting That Kentucky Ended Its Worst Season Ever By Kicking Me Directly In The Nuts One Last Time After Giving Us Hope

And there it is. The absolute worst season in Kentucky history ends with one more swift kick directly to my nuts. Exactly what this team has done all year. Choke in the last 4 minutes of the game. Every single fucking time it was the same. Give us some hope, look like shit is getting figured out and then this. Up 5, give up back to back threes. Sarr has a game-clinching three miss. Then this. Finally the right play call getting the ball to Allen on a wide open three. He just ... he just missed. That's after a dumb foul while up 1 with 8 seconds to go. Now the season is over after getting our hopes up one last time. Belief that maybe Terrence Clarke being back would be a game-changer. Maybe Dontaie Allen would be hot for the SEC Tournament with Mintz. 

There's a ton of blame to go around on this season. Calipari never got the right lineup out there. Sarr sucked all year. The bigs were soft in this game. Jackson couldn't stay out of foul trouble. Clarke was hurt all year. Boston never lived up to the hype. Askew never figured the college game out in one year. Just a mess and why it was the worst season I've ever watched. Yes, even worse than the two years of Billy G rolling out shit. No NCAA Tournament, no quarterfinal of the SEC Tournament. What the fuck do we do now? Just watch games without a sweat, how the hell do you do that? 

I still can't believe that shot didn't fall for Allen. He was hot all game. He was WIDE open. That's this season for Kentucky. Shit looks right and then just falls apart. 

First ever loss to Mississippi State for Calipari. Fuck cowbells.