Travis Etienne Says He'd "Be A Perfect Fit" With The Steelers & Now I'm Excited

I'm officially ready for the draft. Let's go. Run up to the mic at 24 and take Etienne. There's been plenty of talk / IG photoshop jobs of Alabama RB Najee Harris in a Steelers uniform. 

That's fine. Harris is a really, really good back and player. But let's not forget what Etienne has been doing for the last four years. His slippery running style and ability to catch the ball out of the backfield has me and should have Steelers fans salivating. 

Remember the days when Big Ben could dump it off to prime Le'Veon Bell and go from a sack / negative play to an 8 - 20 yard gain? Etienne brings that element back. What's one of the best friends to a (eventual) young QB? A running back like Etienne that can do it all. 

This info is all coming from Clemson's pro day that's happening on Thursday. Those in attendance from the Steelers? Coach T, Matt Canada, and Kevin Colbert. The big 3 for offensive decision making. 

Someone from Clemson is coming to the Steelers. And at 24 I'd be THRILLED if it was Travis Etienne.