Michigan State's Men's Basketball Team Is Now the 'MSU Spartans Presented by Rocket Mortgage' (Seriously)

MSU Spartans — "Michigan State Athletics couldn't compete at the highest levels without the support of our corporate partners like Rocket Mortgage," said Bill Beekman, Michigan State Director of Athletics. "We are appreciative of Rocket's continued commitment to the Spartans and their unwavering support of our programs."

Under the new five-year deal, Detroit-based Rocket Mortgage will be the presenting sponsor of the famed men's basketball team which will now be known throughout the Breslin Center as, "MSU Spartans Presented by Rocket Mortgage."

Alright, that's enough.

We've learned to deal with the comically large ads that dwarf the team crests on soccer jerseys and some people may even have gotten used to the ads on NBA jerseys. But that was our mistake, because the corporate overlords now believe they can come for anything.

The MSU Spartans Presented by Rocket Mortgage?! Is this a joke? When you go to a game, it's already ridiculous enough that every free throw is sponsored by a diferent company and if you want to get on the jumbotron these days, it's on the Papa John's Hungriest Fan of the Game Cam or whatever the hell. But now you can't even just go to watch Michigan State, you're going to see the Rocket Mortgage Spartans.

We have lost the last vestige of authenticity in college sports. It took until now, but soon enough the cathedrals of college football will be turned into The Goodyear Tire Horseshoe and Death Valley at Raising Cane's Stadium. They will stop at nothing.

Michigan State will be on an island for a year or so, but in 2022, the Rocket Mortgage Spartans will take on the Sprint Now Part of T-Mobile Jayhawks in the State Farm Champions Classic. Can't wait.