The Barstool Fund - City Soles (Thanks To Penn National Gaming)

Thanks to Penn National Gaming for their donation to help cover our next business… City Soles (Chicago, IL).

City Soles, which has been around for two decades, is in the business of supporting artists from all around the world who handcraft everything from shoes and bags, to jewelry — all through the award-winning boutique and growing online store.



Reader Email

City Soles has been in Wicker Park since 1995, providing hip footwear to a community that wants something that many others don't have! (we have no Nikes, Timberlands or Uggs) only small unique brands that are hard to find. Better quality hand made from leather to vegan friendly. We support local small artist and designers hand made one of a kind jewelry, shirts, jackets, handbags… "If you're going to kick ass you need kick ass shoes" Wicker Park is highly dependent on tourist and was packed on all weekends with travelers from all over the world, it is the SOHO of Chicago, with no concerts, cubs games , no conventions… well no tourist.Our land lord has excepted lower rent, and we haven't been able to pay that amount consistently, he has another new born and we hate letting him down. We didn't have heat in most of Jan/Feb the LL finally had $$ to get it fixed. We lived off of space heaters barley keeping it in the low 60's, health insurance has lapsed due to $$… the list goes on. our neighborhood loves us and helps support us but it isn't enough to make it till summer months and vaccines let people Roma the streets again. please help us make it through.