WHOA - Duke Is Basically Ending Its Season And Forfeiting Tonight's Game Against FSU Because Of A Positive COVID Test

Holy shit. A fucking year ago today we were dealing with this and now we have Duke backing out of tonight's game due to a positive test. Here's the thing though. Why are they forfeiting? A week from now a team isn't forfeiting because of just one COVID test. There are rapid tests available, so you'd think they'd be able to figure that out. You'd think that Duke would be begging for this game to happen basically. If anything, FSU should not want to play this game and jeopardize anything for the NCAA Tournament. But now we have one of the two biggest names in the sport forfeiting hours before the ACC Tournament game starts. 

I honestly hate that they are ending their season with a forfeit. I know we joke about the Duke way and how it's just quitting when things get tough, but I wanted to see them end their season correctly. Getting their ass kicked by Florida State. 

We have no idea what player is positive or anything like that, but it sucks to see a team end via forfeit. At least we can stop all the Duke in the NCAA Tournament talk. 

Also this isn't going to jeopardize anything. All the Tournaments are going to happen. The NCAA Tournament is going to happen. This is one instance. So let's not have anyone freaking out right now. 13+ hours of basketball still to come today.