I LOVE This Patrick Kane And Blackhawks Parlay

We are OFFICIALLY live and if you're reading this I have already put this bet in. Look, I am an idiot. We all know that. This one feels like a winner to me. This is the Patrick Kane 1001st game redemption special. They just got absolutely shit pumped on Tuesday for his 1000th game. There was just too much going on. The team looked like they sat in the locker room and watched that video of Kaner counting to a thousand and drifted off to sleep through the entire first period. NOT tonight. This is a bounce back game. This is a blood in the saddle game. This is the game you let Dallas know that it's going to be long road back to the playoffs and that road goes through Chicago. I LOVE the Blackhawks tonight. 

The other leg of this Patrick Kane scoring and look at this...

NOBODY keeps this man out of the goal column for five games. I don't know how many times in his career he's had a drought last 5 games but in my head it is zero. It won't be tonight. Patrick Kane never lets me down. He won't start today. Get on the app now. We are live in Illinois. What a time to be alive. Love you guys.