I Will Never Watch A Show At Regular Speed Ever Again

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If you're like me, or any other red blooded American, you spend your nights binging shows. Episode after episode, night after night, making your way through whatever is on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or what have you. Maybe you watch the same show over and over again, or maybe you are one of those weirdos who watches new shows. Either way, sometimes it can be a grueling task to make your way through season after season, especially when episodes are an hour long each. Who has time to watch every episode of every season? It's just so time consuming, so daunting, that I'd rather re-watch a show I've already seen than start something new.

You see, time is the only commodity you can't buy, sell, borrow, trade, or receive unless you're in that Justin Timberlake movie. Time is of the upmost importance when you're in 2nd in command at a company like Barstool Sports. So when I started binging Survivor on Hulu during Christmas break, I realized I needed a way to get through 40 seasons before I died.

Spending 45 minutes on every episode was not going to work. Just absolutely no way in hell that was going to happen. So I thought "there has to be a better way". And as it turns out, there is.


What is that thing in the middle of the screen, you might be wondering. Let me tell ya- it's a Chrome extension that lets you watch videos much, much faster. Doesn't matter where the video is on the internet, you can speed it the fuck up. And it has changed my life. 

I freakin' ZOOM through episodes of Survivor now. I watch at either 1.3x or 1.4x, depending on my mood at the time. And the thing is, you barely even notice. The voices don't really get higher pitched until you enter into the 1.5x territory, which I've done on occasion as well. Sometimes you just wanna finish an episode, ya know?

The only time I notice the speed change is when I start a new episode and it automatically resets back to 1.0, regular speed. It feels like you are dragggggging through quicksand. Once you start watching something at 1.3x, watching at 1.0 feels like torture. Everyone is talking so slow, moving so slow, it is painful to watch.

If you didn't know, Netflix has a built-in way to watch videos quicker.



I could not recommend watching at 1.25x more. Pretty much everything should be sped up, I swear. It almost feels like they film in slow motion and 1.25x is the intended way to watch shows. If you don't believe me, try it out. After about 3 minutes of watching you'll completely forget that it's sped up, and you'll wonder how much time you've wasted watching at regular speed in the past.


But Hulu, the worst video-watching app in the world, does not. In fact, Hulu does just about everything wrong. You can't even auto-skip intros! So the Chrome extension is a complete lifesaver. 

I leave you with 2 recommendations in this blog: 1) Watch Survivor, it's a really good show. And 2) Watch it at 1.3x speed, you'll never watch shows any other way ever again.