Joshua Mears Of The Padres Hit The Loudest Home Run I've Ever Heard

Is Joshua Mears serious with this? 117 MPH off the bat and that sound? I honestly think that was the loudest home run I've ever heard, just close your eyes and give it a listen.. And I get that it's helped out by the stands being mostly empty so the acoustics sound better, but good lord that was loud. It wasn't even like it was a long home run either, measured at 400 feet it's a good shot, but its not a 450 or 475 shot, but that sound makes it more impressive. 

It's really the perfect sounding home run. I wish I could make it my text message ringtone. He was a second round pick in 2019 and is known for his raw power, hard to believe, eh? Again the exit velo off the bat was 117 MPH. Guess how many big leaguers hit HRs harder than that last season?

TWO MLB PLAYERS HIT HOME RUNS HARDER THAN THIS ONE LAST YEAR. Insane. And not only was the home run impressive, how about the kid in the orange shirt making the catch and saving the couple laying down on the ground not even thinking about the rocket headed right towards them? 

That kid was like secret service for the President and jumped in front of it to save them. Hell of a snag on a ball that likely would have gone through that guys chest. He deserves a medal. I can't wait to watch this kid Mears hit some towering shots in San Diego, if I was in that building in left field out there in Petco Park I'd keep my head on a swivel when he comes up.