After You Hear Joey Gallo Mic'd Up He May Be Your New Favorite Player

Best part of Spring Training is having the guys mic'd up. They're loose, they're just trying to have fun, they'll mess around with others, you really get a good look behind the curtain at what its like to be a superstar in the spring. Joey Gallo may be the strongest man in baseball, but don't get it twisted, he HATES picking up balls. Too far from the ground for him so thats why he decided to play outfield. One of the guys tried to pull the prank on him and asks about stealing the car and robbing the bank, this isn't Joey's first rodeo though, he plays it cool. Has the nice sliding catch right in front of the camera that he 100% knew was there and then flexes his newly acquired Gold Glove right in our faces. Gallo tries to clown his guy about the long hair, which I think looks AWESOME. Let that old school Juan Gone hair flow baby. Nice little HR robbery at the fence too, acting like he didn't know if it was gone or not. He knew damn well he brought that bad boy back. I would have LOVED to get more action in the cage because that guy hits some MAMMOTH bombs, like when he smacked his 5th homer of the spring. 

The best part was when he saw Brock Holt on the neighboring field and like a little leaguer was yelling across the fields just to say hi to his friend. Joey Gallo acts like every 5 year old on a tee ball field when he sees a buddy. I love that. Now if he could just get that average up we could really parade him around like a star. We should be seeing videos like this everyday, you want to grow the game and show MLB players personalities? Give us these awesome behind the scenes clips where we can see how they really are. Give me all the mic'd up videos, all of em.