LFG! Picks Are In! RA's Gambling Corner Feat. Murls

What's up, gang? Missed you for a bit in this space. Hope you saw the Jets Tweet last night. Getting such a good team at that price, coming off a beating, felt like stealing (though not for the last minute). Keeping with that theme, Vegas could easily be considered the Cup chalk and they're just -110 tonight. I have no idea if this week's Spittin' Chiclets guest Mark Stone is in the line-up or not. But I do know that Chiclets alum Marc-Andre Fleury is in the pipes and that's enough for me. So we're shoveling it in on VGK money line -110 tonight and a smaller play on VGK -1.5 +230. That's it. Vegas or bust. 

Good luck to all.

Friend of Spittin' Chiclets, son of The Capital District, and 17-year pro Matt Murley will also be sharing his picks here as well.

Arizona Coyotes @ Colorado Avalanche (ML -200, O/U 5.5)

Murls Take: After spending the week searching out wins in Siberia and finding a few, stay the course and bundle up to get down on another cold weather. I would say an Avalanche of wins coming but that's too good. The Avs are the better team and are getting the best player back. The Coyotes sent their starter back home due to injury. I am even leaning toward a MacKinnon first goal for a small piece because that is what those players do.  

Murls Pick: Avs 4, Coyotes 1

Murley's Best Bet: Avs three-way -130 (regulation only) and a sidecar on the PL +130.

*** Sidecar is the shot you get when a beer is not enough. 

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