We Have Another Secret Room Behind an Air Vent But This One Is 10 Times More Terrifying

Last week, we had a woman who discovered an entire secret apartment hidden behind her bathroom mirror in New York City, which may or may not be the proud home of one or several squatters. And that discovery was certainly terrifying enough for my liking.

But now we have this man, who discovered a room tucked behind the air vent in his AirBnB. And while this dude didn't go exploring the entire space like the girl did the last time something like this happened, I can see enough to tell that there's definitely a light on in that room that the homeowners definitely don't use to watch people.

And the fact that this man said the people were surprised he wan't a woman makes it that much creepier. I have never stayed in an AirBnB before because I'm not insane, but I was unaware people stayed in these things while the owners were still there. I thought the whole point was that they were supposed to be gone. If there are really that many people choosing to spend the night at some stranger's house instead of a hotel, I'm shocked this doesn't happen more often. Who the hell thought that was an acceptable idea?

But yeah bro, those creeps were definitely watching you sleep. He's honestly lucky he woke up to tell the tale. Every hotel in a 25-mile radius of where I needed to be would need to be priced astronomically high for me to ever even consider staying in somebody's house prior to seeing this, but now there's no chance. Just spend the money and protect yourself against the apparently increasing problem of hidden rooms where you'd vanish never to be heard from again.