The Giants Released Kevin Zeitler Despite Their Offensive Line Being Various Degrees Of Shit For Years Now

Live look at Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley:

You know what, I'm just gonna come out and say it. The Giants offensive line hasn't been elite the last few years. Or great. Or good. Or fucking average. I would kill for average offensive line play for an entire season. Which is why seeing them cut their best O-Lineman of the last few seasons is so frustrating. 

I get that the salary cap went down because bitch boy covid has fucked with everyone's money, a big fat franchise tag on Leonard Williams is going to clog up a bunch of space until the Giants (hopefully) reach a long-term deal with him, and Zeitler is just the first of plenty of players in the 75-85 Overall range in Madden that will get cut this week. But it still sucks considering we have a quarterback that is entering his critical third season behind a line that was 31st in pass protection last year before they cut their best player, no matter how much money he is making.

I suppose there is a chance that to #stopthespread and combat coronavirus, the NFL will institute the 5 Mississippi rule that would require defenders to count to 5 Mississippi before the are able to rush the passer, thus making the offensive line essentially irrelevant. If that's the case, I'm actually more than fine with this move. If not, I have to wonder why the Giants didn't just rework Zeitler's deal to make it significantly more cap friendly. Oh wait, they definitely tried to do that before cutting their best player at a known problem position! Hopefully the upcoming barrage of cuts give us a suitable, cheaper, and younger replacement for Zeitler because I don't know how much I trust Shane Lemieux, no matter how awesome Baldy says his name.

One person I do trust is this leader of men.

That's the man I want calling the shots while breaking down players and that's the man I need to have a conversation about the benefits of retirement with Nate Solder instead of having to wait until the summer to cut him in order to save a shit ton more money. #InCoachJudgeWeTrust


Finally before we get the requisite nonsense about this move being proof Browns won the Odell Beckham trade as he recovers from a torn ACL since that's all idiots in the media talk about whenever Zeitler's name is mentioned, let's not forget that the Giants got Jabril Peppers and Dexter Lawrence from that trade as well, who last I checked are pretty fucking good on the best unit on the team.