The Texas Rangers Are Going 100% Full Capacity For The Home Opener In Their New Stadium And Then Reduced Capacity For April and May With Social Distancing After Everyone Realizes They Suck

Robert Gauthier. Shutterstock Images.

The Texas Rangers went all last season without fans filling the stands while their club christened a brand new $1.2 billion stadium. Globe Life Field was able to have some fans when it hosted the NLCS and World Series, but that obviously didn't come close to making up for what the team lost in potential ticket sales all season long. Well, good luck convincing the owner to take that kinda loss two seasons in a row after shelling out that kinda coin for new digs. Now with Texas opening the flood gates with capacities in bars, restaurants and all over, the baseball team is following suit. 100% capacity for the home opener. Zero social distancing. What could go wrong?

Oh it's all resting on the shoulders of voluntary compliance with masks. Hell yeah. I'm sure that will go swimmingly. 

I love how after the home opener there will be reduced capacity with "some" socially distanced sections. So basically let's get all the fans we can in for the first game before they realize how bad the team is and never wanna go after that. Genius. 

I'm all for getting fans in stadiums in 2021, I just feel like we gotta do it smart, no? Sue me. I cannot wait to get back to Yankee Stadium, but you gotta socially distance fans and enforce mask wearing. I guess not! I could be wrong, but I don't see voluntary compliance with masks being a real solution. The reasoning behind the limited restrictions is simple. Reduced capacity takes money out of the pocket of the owners, so if the state allows it, the owners will have no problem packing the stands. 

Dallas does bring up an interesting point.

Listen there's going to be all sorts of different routes to handling stadium attendance in 2021, but Texas is going to have a lot of eyes on 'em. Let's just hope the vaccine works and life becomes normal again and I don't have to feel uneasy about this kind of situation. I can't have another baseball season where it looks like we won't finish the season a few months into the damn thing. Just give me baseball and do it in a safe way.