Sad, Pathetic Mets Do A Sad, Pathetic Practice Celebration For Winning World Series

I know Clem already blogged this and while I appreciate the attempted spin zone that he has to do as a Mets fan, we need to have a rational, completely unbiased take from someone on this. That's where I come in. 

This is the most pathetic, sad, Mets thing I have ever seen from a pathetic, sad franchise with sewer rat, cockroach, sub-human fans and a criminal owner with the largest fine in SEC history. 

And that's me being completely impartial. 

Typically, the Mets strictly reserve celebrations like this for a regular season win over the Yankees on May 9th. But since this franchise has adorably tricked themselves into believing things have changed, they now deem it necessary to practice World Series celebrations in early March. 

Honestly it's cute. Adorable even. The franchise and fanbase legitimately believe that hiring a billionaire, crook of an owner will turn around all their misfortunes. But the Mets are still the Mets. First it's the Jared Porter saga. Then it's the Steven Cohen-Robinhood scandal running him off Twitter. And now it's a video like this. 

We've all done this as a kid. We imagine hitting the walk-off homer in Game 7 of the World Series. We imagine hitting a game winning buzzer beater to win the NBA Finals. We imagine throwing a go ahead touchdown in the Super Bowl. That's all the Mets are doing here. Just imagining a pipe dream that will never actually happen. 

I don't want to rain on the Mets parade too much though. (Parade may have been a poor choice of words there, as they haven't had one of them in 35 years). March is one of the few months of the year where being a Mets fan isn't completely miserable. There's still some hope and optimism in March. April is their peak. It'll happen again this year too. 

After winning on Opening Day like they somehow always do, the Mets will get out to a 9-5 record with a 1.5 game lead in the NL East. The Yankees will start slow at 7-7. The rat Met fans will crawl out of the sewers with their "2x World Series Champion" jackets and all their other hideous blue and orange merch (a disgusting color combination). They'll claim "This is our city now." "We own this town." "We're the new big brother here!" "Things are different now!"

And by September, just like all other years, the Mets will be a 3rd place team while the Yankees gear up for their actual season starting - October baseball. 

Again, this is all completely unbiased.