The Barstool Fund - Java's Brewin' (Thanks To Penn National Gaming)

Thanks to Penn National Gaming for their donation to help our next business… Java's Brewin' (Limerick, PA)

Javas Brewing creates some of the best muffins in the Carolinas. They bake 9 or 10 flavors a day, including such delicious favorites as Brown sugar Butterscotch, French Toast and Coffee Cake. They also prepare mouth-watering cakes and pastries right on the premises.



Reader Email

Hi Barstool,

My family owns a small business, Javas Brewin, in Limerick, PA. We opened in May 2007 and have such great support from the community around us. My father doesn’t take a day off. He goes in 7 days a week at 4 am and bakes everything from scratch. My sister, who is a new mom, works there as well and brings her son with her so that my dad doesn’t need to pay someone else to work in her place.

We have gone through a lot in our almost 14 years of business, but trying to stay open in this pandemic has taken a toll on my family. This is our life. This is our blood, sweat, and tears. When we first opened Java’s Brewin, we did not realize that all of our money went to a scam company. The men we bought the franchise from ended up stealing all of our money and disappearing. We tried to file lawsuits, but nothing about them was true. This happened to us along with 42 other families that bought into this scam franchise. We were the only ones that actually stayed open after losing it all, and that was 100% because of my dad’s drive and motivation. He had to tap into his retirement fund early just to survive.

In 2016, my father had to undergo emergency heart surgery and was out of the business for 4 months. If it weren’t for our incredible employees at the time, we would not have been able to stay open. But thankfully, we are still here. 

Since March, we have kept payroll exactly the same. We have not cut staff, because they also need the money. Our landlord has not even stopped in once to see if we need help with rent.

My dad is the most humble man and he will never admit that we are struggling, but I know him and I know we are. I know every day, he wakes up and prays that we can stay open beyond this pandemic and that it makes us stronger, but I also know he is so scared. Like I said, the community we are in is amazing, but how long will that last? Will they still be so supportive if this lasts a year, or longer? It’s hard to tell and I am so scared for my family.

If we lose java, we have nothing else to fall back on. We have the most amazing employees ever and my father has not only kept them at their regular weekly hours, but he never dropped their pay rate. We have been takeout only since this began in March, and the phone calls are twice as long getting an order, their car make and model for curbside, credit card over the phone… The employees work twice as hard and are so incredible and loyal to us.

If you were able to help at all, either by helping with payroll, or with rent, I would never be able to thank you. This would mean the world to my family.

When we first opened, we bought into a franchise that happened to be a total scam. From the get go, the “franchise owners” ran away with all of our money and we weren’t able to track them down so we never saw that again. My father had to tap into his retirement fund early to keep the business alive, so when I say this is his life, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

I hope to hear from you.

Amanda Barretta