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"I've Got 7 Fights Left And I'm Using Them All On You" ... Jeff Marek Told A Great Trent Frederic Story On This Week's Spittin' Chiclets

Trent Frederic has become a fan favorite in Boston this year, he's just an absolute maniac, living fearless, fighting anyone and everyone. This week Jeff Marek was a special guest on Spittin' Chiclets and told a great Frederic story about how he said he was gonna "use his last 7 fights in the AHL" all on Tommy Cross after Cross threw a bad hit on Cameron Hughes.

"One of my favorite Trent Frederic stories is this one...

The AHL, it's Springfield playing against Providence, Tommy Cross is playing for Springfield and he lays out Cameron Hughes with a vicious elbow to the head, it's like an instant KO. I'm sure you've guys have seen it. The clip is on Youtube. It's a tough one.

And so right away Frederic goes at him. In the AHL they have the 10 fight rule. You get 10 fights and then after that every fight you have is a suspension, and the suspensions get bigger and bigger depending on how many fights you have. It's to keep the 30 fight guys out to the AHL. So at this point Trent Frederic, I love this line, Trent Frederic had three fights, I think it was three fights so far that season. And he goes up to Tommy Cross and says, Tommy... I've got 7 fights left this year and I'm using them all on you.... that is Trent Frederic." - Jeff Marek on Spittin' Chiclets (March 9th, 2021)

Good on Frederic for standing up for his teammate but what a line... "I've got 7 fights left this year and I'm using them all on you!" The legend of Frederic continues...

Join or die.

Here's the latest episode of Chiclets if you'd like to listen to the full thing.