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Recapping Patrick Kane's 1000th Game And All The Tributes

Those tweets really sum up how I feel about Patrick Kane and how lucky me and people my age are that he came along at a time when we had no real responsibilities and could be drunk idiots deep into the night and deep into every summer during our 20s. It was an incredible ride. I was trying to estimate how many of Patrick Kane's 1000 regular season games I actually watched and I'd say conservatively it is around the 915 mark. That's a ton of nights watching hockey. I've definitely seen ALL 136 playoff games too. If you give 3 hours per game and all the games I've watched about 3153 hours of Patrick Kane and I wouldn't give a single one of them back. Not even last night which absolutely fucking sucked after warm-ups were completed. 

The tributes made it all worth it. The Blackhawks put them in a big instagram post. I HIGHLY recommend filtering through because all the praise from Joel, Toews, Hjalmarsson, Hossa, and Sharp make the memories so thick that you have to brush them away from your face.

The Hasek one is incredible. That picture of 7 year-old Kaner posted up on the glass and then 11 years later he's scoring his 1st shootout goal against his idol...incredible. There's been so many moments like that. It started like this

And 13 years later it's been better than I could've ever dreamed. Lots of teams have high draft picks. McDavid and Draisaitl(and a billion others), Matthews and Marner, John Tavares, even Stamkos and Hedman or Ovi and Backstrom…all truly GREAT players who will no doubt be in the Hall of Fame some day…none of them have delivered like 19 and 88. We are so lucky in Chicago. And…it's not over. I hope Kane has another 1000 total games and I know more great summer playoff hockey nights are ahead of us in Chicago and Kane will cash when we need him most. Shout out to the greatest and most important Blackhawk ever, Patrick Kane.