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Marquette Showing Up To An NYC Playground To Practice Because They Couldn't Get Access To An Indoor Court Is Such An Awesome Move

Well fuck, everything I thought about Marquette just went out the window. Never been a Wojo fan and think he's an average coach at best. But now? Now I think Marquette is about to win the Big East. We need more of this. Can't get into MSG? No problem. Show up at a playground to get your last practice in before a 3pm tip. I do wish they showed up to Rucker or Dyckman though. Give us the classic playground look. Honestly, I wish we had an outside game still. I know we played shit on aircraft carriers and conference rooms and everywhere else. Give us a game at a true playground. Why not? Why can't we get weird about this and give us a true old school style game. There was always something special about showing up to the playground to run with the guys growing up. Not many things were better than the old days at the pool (shout out Green Valley in York, PA). Hit up the court for some run, get some hunnies watching and then stay for the Midnight Swim. If you grew up in the mid/late-90s you know what I mean. 

Like I said, we need more of this. Basketball is supposed to be fucking fun, so go play outside and improvise. Can't get court access? Find a court. You're Marquette, you don't think kids that are playing out there wouldn't be pumped to see that. Shit, move the Big East Tournament to the outdoors for now.