The First Trailer For The First GameStop Documentary Is Here, Featuring All The Heavy Hitters- Mark Cuban, The Winklevoss Twins, Jim Cramer, and Dave Portnoy


The big swinging dicks of finance- Cramer, Winklevoss, Cuban....Portnoy????



That's right, Davey Bigtime is in the house, in the first documentary to come out about the $GME/$AMC/Reddit stonks explosion. It'll be on Hulu next week, a very quick turnaround, and especially interesting because it's still happening! $GME has more or less tripled in the last week!



This Hulu doc is the first, but will certainly not be the last of its kind. It's a recap after the 3rd inning, there's still a lotttttt of ball left to be played before this one is over.

It will be a great recap of everything that has gone on for the last month, but right now I'm more interested in who is going to play Dave in the movie version. Imagine if he actually gets Gosling? Not a room in the world would be big enough to fit him after that.