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Not Enough People Remember One Of The Worst Officiated Moments In March Madness History

With UConn back in the Big East and a day away from their return to the Garden and the Big East Tournament, I've had a ton of nostalgia for classic moments in the Mecca.

Obviously, today is the 10 year anniversary of this...


But a moment that happened the day before at the Garden is forgotten in the lore of the Big East Tournament. The biggest reason we don't talk about it is that it happened in a fairly irrelevant game. St. John's was ranked, they beat a shitty Rutgers team, got bounced anyway, and then lost in the first round of the NCAA Tournament to 11-seed Gonzaga (not fact-checking this, I am going to trust my NCAA Tournament knowledge).

With that said, this moment is simple too un-fucking-real to forget about.

The live-reaction from Mike Francesa (who got in a dig about Mike Rice's awful play design) was also great…

Being outraged was fairly justifiable, too, because he did in fact step out of bounds and travel with a full 1.7 seconds left, up only two points!

Referees Tim Higgins & Jim Burr, legendary refs whether you love or hate them, were taken out of the tournament following the no-call at the end of the game. Which, based on how they scurried out of the arena, I'd imagine they had better things to do anyway.

Mitchell Layton. Getty Images.

Just remember, when you're watching games the next couple of weeks, the endless reviews and stoppage are all because we used to have bullshit like this happen. Had these clowns not blown so many calls over the year, we wouldn't have the final 30-seconds of college basketball games lasting an hour.

Anyway, welcome back Big East Tournament. We've missed you.