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Never Go Full Hardo: Smashing An Employee's Precious Bobblehead Over A Game Of Ping Pong Edition

WAHHHH!  What a baby!!! On a scale from Female Dog to (redacted by editor), how much of a BITCH is Smitty?!?!? I agree with every single anonymous account who called for this Blockhead's livelihood for attempting to make content! They're all right! Smitty is a loser of a loose cannon who doesn't deserve to be at Barstool! 

Big T said it best Smitty should be in JAIL!

Wait...what's what was that??? That wasn't Big T's REAL Acuna bobblehead he prays to on his desk? It was a DOUBLE?!?!?!

Smitty planned ahead and purchased a double of Big T's precious Acuna bobbleahead to do this exact thing on stream for content AND Commish Hank approved/encouraged the smash beforehand? HA! Shame on the Blockhead! Doesn't Smitty know this is NEW Barstool?!?!? He should shut up, not constantly think about generating the maximum amount laughs/views/engagement, and just play fucking ping pong! Not like he ever got any good content out of getting a rise out of Big T, anyways! 

Oh well! New Barstool wins again! Stick to sucking at video games ya dink! #THISLEAGUE