This Notre Dame Buzzer Beater Is Awesome And All, But The Real Highlight Is This Injured Dude Getting Laid Out By A Teammate Celebrating

It's the most beautiful time of the year. Buzzer beaters mean your season goes on and you still have a heartbeat. There's something special about that. Last night we had Wake blowing a lead and just absolutely collapsing to Notre Dame. Decent response the two games after students chanted for Mike Brey to be fired. Beat FSU and a win in the ACC Tournament, see what happens now. 

But the real star here is Elijah Morgan just bodying Robby Caromdy during the celebration. I'm starting to question what I think of Notre Dame as a program now. You need to improve bench mob celebrations. You can't be sloppy in March. Look at Cleveland State, they are in harmony and won the Horizon because of that. You can't lay out your teammate who is recovering from a torn ACL like that. Not even on a buzzer beater. 

I do love how everyone just associates plays with one single thing now. People ran this for years, but all you think of now is Arch flipping it to Jenkins for the championship. Nantz's words, not mine. 

Back to ND, phenomenal recovery by Carmody to go full slide into home. That's how you bounce back from getting hit by a teammate. It's March though, Irish. Clean it up. 

PS: Great tweet by Elijah Morgan, the dude who laid out Carmody