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The Barstool Fund - Sundance Shoes (Thanks To Penn National Gaming)

Thank you to Penn National Gaming for their donation to help cover our next business.. Sundance Shoes (Birmingham, MI).

Sundance Shoes, located in Birmingham, Michigan, is a beloved boutique for “shoe lovers, boho babes, rocker gals and everything in between!”



Reader Email

Sundance Shoes is my life. This store is my dream come true, I have worked my whole life for this. I designed, hand painted all the shelves handpicked all the colors to make this store my haven. I love when my customers leave feeling so good about what they purchased. Our customers feel so comfortable in our store, This store is almost a sanctuary. When I was completely shut down for 3 months. I had to be creative. With one employee we created daily videos for our customers. These videos where meant to show our customers that we will always be there for them. This was a way to sell shoes and clothing safely…but giving our customers something to make them happy. I would film these videos every day from my house, having my 2 kids help me! Please check out my Instagram. SUNDANCESHOES. To this day I continue shooting videos. This has completely changed my business. I was interviewed on channel 4. The news anchor, Shawn Ley was actually around for another segment, I was by myself running packages out to customers. I have never worked so hard in my life, and will continue to do so. This Pandemic has taught me so much about my business, and how to be creative if you want to survive. This last year November 2020 we launched our website. SUNDANCESHOES.COM….Would love for you to check that out too! Covid pushed us to have a website…and I'm so happy we do! Please consider Sundance Shoes. We could really use the funds to help us get back on our feet. Thank you.