Skye Bolt May Have The Best Name In Baseball And Also Made The Catch Of The Day Yesterday

You kidding me with this name? Skye Bolt? First team all name right here. Decent catch too as he robbed Ian Happ of a base hit yesterday. Laid it all out there too, full extension. Because if your name is Skye Bolt you damn well better make sure you go full extension on every play you can. I've never seen the movie but isn't the dogs name in "The Incredibles", Skye Bolt?

It's not the most difficult catch, but it's a nice one to have under your belt. But again, it's less about the play and more about the name. 4th round pick out of UNC in 2015 by the A's, he is probably a social media manager's dream. Just think about the tweets you can do with this name. So many possibilities for good content. He came into yesterdays spring training games hitting .382 so maybe he's got a decent shot to make the club. I gotta ask Dallas about this guy because I think I'm all in. Give me a shirsey with the full name on it, maybe Oakland can do a lightning bolt bobblehead coming out of the sky. It's too perfect. Skye Bolt, thats a Disney characters name.