The Dopamine Rush The Old Monday Night RAW Intro Used To Give Us Every Week Is Indescribable

As I was watching Monday Night RAW last night, which - wasn't great - I randomly started thinking about one of the old school intros (old school for me, 2002-06) from when I first started getting into wrestling, and I really laughed a lot thinking about how fired up it'd make me every Monday night at 9:01pm. 

I'm talkin' full-on heart beating a million miles an hour while I hit myself with multiple Canadian Destroyers all over the living room fired up....

I'm talkin' bouncin off cushions couch-to-couch dropkicking my Ninja Turtle stuffed animal harder and harder each time until I would eventually get a cut on my lip that would require stitches and leave a permanent scar fired up….

I'm talkin' Swanton Bombs off the dining room table through cardboard boxes on the floor that eventually left me convinced I'd broken my foot on a dresser that got in the way fired up….

So I tweeted about it.

Based on the replies to my tweet last night….


….that old school RAW intro triggered the same response outta many of you guys as well, and served as a nice trip down memory lane, so I'm bloggin it - along with some other classics depending on when you got into wrestling. Let me know your favorite down in the comments below.




For the WCW fans in the house….

….and for the "Philly Scumbags"….