Paul Pierce Is One Step Closer To Becoming A First Ballot Hall Of Famer

Well you can chalk this up to things I just love to see. For any of us who were lucky enough to watch Paul Pierce's Celtics career, this shouldn't be a surprise. In fact, earlier in quarantine I actually went through the numbers and made the case you shoud be calling Paul Pierce a top 50 player all time

It's hard to argue with the stone cold production/rankings. I just love how mad it makes people because for some reason just because Pierce is known to say some dumb shit on television people try and make it seem like he wasn't really really good. Well, all signs point to him becoming a first ballot hall of fame player so deal with it. Just last year we saw that class have Kobe, Duncan, and KG enter as a first ballot guys and we're going to see a few more get the nod on the first try in the upcoming years. For example, guys like Wade and Dirk are eligible in the 2023 Class. Safe to say they are locks.

So seeing Pierce as a finalist for this year's class isn't really all that surprising. You know what was a little surprising? Seeing Chris Bosh and Ben Wallace become finalists again. Bosh was left off the list last year, but he does have an interesting case. One of those players where it's not really a hot take to say he shouldn't be a first ballot HOFer, but that he should find his way into the hall eventually. I know in today's world of Twitter we are having debates whether Bosh was actually better than Julius Randle, but let's try and stay on planet earth.

I'm also intrigued with Ben Wallace and Chris Webber. You may remember that both were selected as finalists in the Class of 2019, but they both missed the cut. Shit, Webber was selected for three straight years as a finalist. With a class this year that isn't as loaded, I do wonder if this is their chance to finally get in. Whenever this topic comes up, those are the two names you hear the most when it comes to current snubs. I say let them in. I mean everyone makes the HOF it seems and it's not like those two don't have the resumes to make a legit case. With how stacked the future classes are going to be, this may be their best chance. 

Now if you'll excuse me for a moment. I have some highlights to relive.