Gobleki Tepe In Turkey Is The Single Biggest Mystery In The History Of The World And I Stand By That Claim

Eddie and I talked about this place in Turkey last night for today's dogwalk and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. There are many mysteries in the universe. Are there aliens? How did humans become conscious? How do girls pee? These are things that have baffled mankind forever. A greater mystery than any of those is Gobleki Tepe though. 

This is a place that 50x bigger than Stonehenge and SIX THOUSAND years older. It's also much more impressive than Stonehenge from an engineering standpoint. It's lined up to true North. It's enormous. It has intricate sculptures. It's biggest stones weigh as much as 50 tons. People always talk about the Great Pyramid of Giza. I am a HUGE Egyptian Pyramids guy. I have blogged it many times including this one with all my favorite facts

The Great Pyramid of Giza is 4500 years old. That means Gobleki Tepe is a full 8000 or so years old than that. That's absurd. We think of Jesus and the Gladiators and the Crusades as ancient history and this is absurdly longer ago than those things. And you know what was before Gobleki Tepe...nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing. We were basically cave men running around hunting and gathering and just barely staying alive as a species and POOF...Gobleki Tepe. How do you go from from hunting with rocks and sharpened sticks to knowing how to quarry stone, move GIANT stones, carve them into different shapes and works of art, organize manpower to do those things, and feed all the people who built them. We went from being primitive hairy ape people to building a structure like that in seemingly overnight. It'd be like having a kid take one at-bat in tee ball and then putting him in the major leagues the next day. It is absolutely absurd. You'd like there'd be a natural progression. Smaller stones, evidence of being able to do smaller scale engineering, math, language, agriculture, etc. There is ZERO evidence for any of that. It's like these temples and the people who built them popped up out of fucking nowhere and it breaks my brain. 

The GOAT on this subject is Graham Hancock. I'll include the link to one of his talks but he's been on Rogan a handful of times and I would recommend those too AFTER you listen to Dogwalk