Kyle Long Is Returning To The NFL And It's 100% Not With The Chicago Bears

Let's obviously start with some positive news. Kyle Long is coming back to the NFL and that objectively makes the league a better place because he's part man/part machine. 

He's a unique breed of normal guy that can strap on pads and literally rip another person's head clean off their shoulders with a fat ass smile. That's a unique mix that's reserved for the true wild ones of the NFL. No doubt Kyle Long has it. 

On the personal front to Chicago - we should 100% expect him to be playing somewhere else. You don't have that kind of falling out then patch things up just because he decides to come back. I think we all agree that ship has sailed so best we can do is look for offensive line help elsewhere. Let someone else handle those takes. 

For now I'm just handling the simple fact that we actually crossed this bridge with the big fella a few months ago and he was spot on. It's just not going to happen with the Bears no matter how fucking sweet it would be to get his attitude out there knocking people back to the stone age. 

Always good to get some leading credit on Red Line radio no matter how hard that can be to come by with a storied franchise like the Chicago Bears. In this case it's not really good or bad - just kind of this empty feeling that we suck, but the happiness that I get to see Kyle Long lace them up again. If all reports are accurate he should be bigger faster stronger than ever before. 

Good luck to whatever O-Line coach gets him in the meeting room. I have a hunch he's destined for the west coast and I don't think I'm wrong. 

Miss you big fella.