EVERYONE Should Watch "The Wind That Shakes The Barely" This Holiday Season(NOT Full Movie)

This was something that came up on the snake draft this week. We drafted Irish shite on account of the upcoming holiday and I brought up "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" and got blank stares from every direction of the room. This is not a movie that came out in 1967 or something. This was 2006 and it features what I think is one of the best actors on the planet right now, Cillian Murphy. 

This is a story that not enough people know about in America. The Snake Draft proved that when people talk about Irish culture and history they really think about Irish-American culture/history. This movie is probably the most accurate representation I've seen about the Irish fight for independence from the fookin English bastards who oppressed our people for 700 years. You get the whole thing. The militia fighting in the hills and streets. The battles within the Irish over the future of the country. Lines drawn between towns and even right down the middle of a family. Unreal story and shows how brutal that war was for the Irish. I never recommend movies, but I want to make this required viewing. 

Now, it used to be fully on youtube for some reason but it has been taken down. I don't want to send you links to other cites that promote piracy or could give you a virus because I don't know computer shit. You can rent it on Amazon Prime for $3.99 and you won't regret it. That is a BarstoolChief guarantee. You should definitely through on the subtitles though because it is so authentic that even though they're speaking English you can't understand them. 

Here is the full snake draft on youtube if you haven't seen it yet.