Big Day In Big Blue Land: The Giants Franchised Leonard Williams, Kenny Golladay Didn't Get Franchised By The Lions, And Coach Judge Said Daniel Jones Is The Giants QB1 Moving Foward

Let's cook baby! It's been a year since the Giants last franchised Leonard Williams and all that's changed is those QB Pressures that Lenny With The Big Hair was mocked about became sacks. 11.5 to be exact, good for 7th in the entire NFL. Yes it would have been nice if the Giants locked up Williams longterm BEFORE he hit double digit sacks last season. But we all know that nothing is easy for the Giants these days and I refuse to believe that having a guy that was seen as potentially the best player in his draft class, fizzled out with the Jets, then thrived in Patrick Graham's system locked up for at least another year as a bad thing. 

The haters, of which there are not as many as last year, will point to some fancy advanced stats about Williams' sacks being a product of the defense he played in or that it was a contract year push. But if you believe in Coach Judge, you will believe in Leonard Williams since there's no way the Giants tag him with an eye on extending him without Judge's approval. And if you don't believe in Coach Judge, kindly fuck off.

Leonard Williams wasn't the only franchise tag news of the day that interested Giants fans either.

I had no clue what the fuck the Lions were going to do with Kenny Golladay since trying to figure out the Lions are going to do at any moment is a fool's errand. But they decided to move on from Golladay. Whether that was because of his injury, the Lions rebuilding, or Golladay not being viewed by Dan Campbell as a good knee biter is something that is only known by the Lions front office. But I loooooooved watching Kenny Golladay play receiver despite the weird ass lighting at Ford Field and would enjoy it even more if he played at MetLife Stadium for the team in blue.

I don't know how they are going to fit everything under the cap and to be honest I don't care. If the Saints and Rams have proven anything it's that the cap doesn't actually exist. It’s a wazi, it’s a woozi. It's fairy dust. It doesn’t exist, it’s never landed, it is no matter, it’s not on the elemental chart. It’s not fucking real. 


Eddie blogged about the Bears re-signing Allen Robinson, which takes another receiver off the board unless the Bears look to trade him. I have also completely talked myself into Corey Davis being a suitable Plan B despite being burned by him constantly in fantasy football, can be persuaded into Curtis Samuel after enough highlight reels, and can even convince my brain that Will Fuller will be a healthy and productive player for the G-Men, no matter what history may tell me. For what it's worth, I drafted Jaylen Waddle in my Madden franchise and put up 1400/12 with him in his rookie season, so Waddle is my pick if he's there at 11 no matter what.

As for the guy throwing them the ball...

Looks like we need to open up two more spots in the Daniel Jones Hype Group because if you are getting hard commitments from the GM and coach as guys like Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson are out there, you are truly committed to your quarterback. Now to prove your commitment to my little lamb Daniel, all I ask is for Gettleman to get him some weapons out wide AND FOR THE LOVE OF PUT TOGETHER FIVE GUYS THAT CAN BLOCK FOR HIM.

As I was writing this, it came out that the Bengals aren't tagging Carl Lawson so throw him on the giant list of EDGes that can rush the passer better than the guys the Giants have. If Baldy loves him, so do I.