Believe It Or Not The Academy Awards Are Now Considering This Amazing Drone Footage From A Bowling Center For Best Picture

Honestly I haven't been moved by a short film that much since the beginning part of UP when I sobbed like a little bitch. What a wild move from Disney to rope me like that emotionally but truth be told it actually worked. So don't think I'm complaining here I'm just saying I wasn't prepared for the intro of UP. I'm not alone. 

I'm also not alone when I say I was not ready to learn how majestic Bryant-Lake bowling center really is. Centrally located in Minneapolis, Bryant-Lake is a combo bowling center + theatre which really has me scratching my head because I might never need another social destination again. Talk about a holy trinity: bar, bowling, movies. 

But then deep down as a Chicagoan I'm instantly reminded of Timber Lanes on Irving Park. The cash only, 8-lane spectacle that deserves a place on the federal landmark register. Even if you can't keep score by hand I recommend going because it builds character and adds salt and all that shit. Kinda reminds me of walking a golf course vs riding. Obviously I prefer a nice cart but if you make me walk you better believe I'm going to be 3-4 strokes better. That's just a fact and the same applies to keeping score by hand. 

Funny though the real bowling technology I never knew I needed were the drones. My general understanding is that drones are BAD for safety and aerospace control amongst many other things. But then I see that beauty register in at 47 mph coming around the first lane and I realize maybe I don't know shit about drones. Maybe we need more drones in bowling centers as promotional assets moving forward. 

Either way if the drone association/bowling association is looking for an intermediary to merge content, I'm your guy. I happen to love everything there is about bowling on video just ask my friends at the PBA. 

But for real that drone bowling center video is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. 

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