FS1 Wants Skip Bayless to Host a Sports Version of Judge Judy

Skip Bayless signed a new contract with Fox Sports for a reported $32 million last week, so understandably, the company is looking to get the most out of its money. And it sounds like they're looking for Bayless to do more than he's doing now, which could include a show where Bayless is a sports judge of sorts.

Front Office Sports — Fox Sports has had discussions internally about creating a faux courtroom show starring the 69-year-old Bayless, sources tell Front Office Sports. 

Nothing has been finalized. The Judge Skip concept is one of several solo ideas on the drawing board for the controversial co-host of FS1’s “Skip & Shannon: Undisputed” morning debate show. If approved, it would air on weekday afternoons, said sources.

This is exactly what Bayless needed to really hit his stride: a make-believe title of superiority and the mandate to judge people. It's so ridiculous that it might actually be perfect. I don't know how much staying power this would have, but the ratings for those first few shows would be off the charts.

But anybody pretending like a sports version of Judge Judy is a new idea is telling on themselves for not watching College Football Final at midnight every fall Saturday in the mid-2000s.

Regardless, I'm all for putting Skip in a judge's robe and letting him call Nick Wright a moron every time he diverts whatever discussion is currently taking place to a LeBron-MJ diatribe. It would actually be pretty refreshing to have someone who can make Wright shut up.

All rise for Judge Skip.