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The Perfect Crime - A Millionaire is Suing An OnlyFans Model For Using His Mansion For Pictures After Tricking Him Into Thinking She Was A 'Legitimate Fashion Model'

[Source] - A millionaire is suing an Instagram star after claiming she "secretly posed in his mansion and plane for nude OnlyFans pictures" while conning her into lavishing him with almost £1million worth of gifts.

The explosive allegations label Ms Gurzanski, 26, a "con artist" and come after the model obtained her own temporary restraining order against Mr Cloobeck.

The businessman claimed his younger ex-partner tricked him into believing she was a legitimate fashion model.

In reality, he claims she made her living selling content on racy subscription site OnlyFans, using his lavish lifestyle as a glamorous backdrop for her X-rated shoots.

I'm sorry, since when is it illegal for someone to lie about who they are to the person you are dating? That is quite literally dating. You hide all the things that make you suck. You think I walked up to my wife and was like hey, so you say yes to this guess what you're signing up for? I'm shaving my head because I'm going to be bald as shit in my early 30s. I'm going to sit on a recliner for 13+ hours a day for multiples days because my job is to write smut blogs and watch college basketball. Oh and I'm a degenerate. That's how you land a woman, guys out there.

No! You fucking lie. Of course I'm interested in your stories. Of course I'd enjoy to go check out this vintage store full of shit we're not going to buy. Exactly how I wanted to spend a Sunday in the summer after getting 18 in. So if you can sue people for dating you I got a few years to spend in the court room. 

I gotta know exactly how she convinced him she was a legit fashion model if, you know, she was naked? Trust me, we're guys. We're dumb as shit. Maybe she was naked and that's when she told him. Good way for distraction. Pretty sure if you're rich and you're dating a 'model' you gotta just assume she's using half your shit for props and background. That's part of the game. Anywho, you don't give a shit so here are pictures.