Science Is A Liar: Guy On TikTok Going Viral For Showing Stats That Say Only 5 Teams Can Win The NCAA Tournament This Year

Alright it's that time of the year where everyone and anyone is trying to find some sort of correlation to past champs and who can win this time. Introducing this guy on TikTok. I don't know who ryanhammer9 is but this is basically me stomping around my basement arguing about how stupid this is

First here are the stats that he's looking at: 

Really? We're still looking at things like 3pt percentage or opponents points per game instead of efficiency numbers? It's 2021 guy! Shit, we don't even know if these are numbers from before the tournament (doubt it) or after they won the Tournament. Pretty important to know! 

So who are the 5 teams? 

Oh shut the fuck up. Liberty? BYU? Virginia? San Diego State? You're talking about like an 11-seed, two 7 or 8 seeds and a Virginia team who nobody likes. Michigan is alright though.

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Michigan is one of the only teams that can actually win a title and spare me the 'anyone can win 6 games.' No they can't. As for the other big names? TikTok stats guy says this: 


THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS! .9% difference for Gonzaga? Yep, can't pick them to win. Baylor having Mark Vital and Illinois having Kofi for free throws? CANT FUCKING WIN. This is the problem when you do stats like this, don't listen to them. Of course it's 95% accurate because it's typically stats after the Tournament. You wanna know who can truly win: we're talking Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, Illinois and then you start doing the maybes. Don't listen to TikTok people try to come up with stats that don't make sense.