According To Most Top Scientists, The Ball Albert Pujols Hit Off Brad Lidge Still Hasn't Landed Yet

This is one of my favorite bombs ever due to the sheer hilariousness of three different reactions. Yes, this ball was absolutely obliterated; but my love for this bomb doesn't have THAT much to do with how far it traveled. 

Let's start with Pujols: 

He's like, "yup, I fucking killed that ball." Just took a few steps, watched it travel then made his trip around the bases. Two things about this 

1. there is NOTHING better than hitting the sweet spot of the bat. You don't even feel the ball connect with the bat and in that very instant you know you sent that ball for a ride. 

Such an awesome feeling

2. I think the best pimp jobs are pimp jobs just like this one - take a few steps, admire the ball traveling to the moon, put your head down and run around the bases. It's such a cocky "I'm way better than you" confidence I can't help but love it. Call me old school, but I like these types of pimp jobs WAY more than the bat flipping we see today. It happens so frequently to me that it's all become watered down

Next up is Brad Lidge:

Dude was like "oh fuck he killed that" but couldn't help but admire how far Pujols hit it too. A lot of times in situations like this you will see the pitcher not even look at the ball. Just asks for a fresh one from the ump and flushes the embarrassment he just went through. Not Lidge here though. He had to crouch and watch her fly

And last, but certainly not least, we got Andy Pettitte in the dugout:

There's a perfect reaction and there's a perfect reaction. This was a PERFECT reaction. Pettitte wasn't mad. He wasn't upset that the 'Stros were about to lose. He was shocked at how far Pujols just hit the ball. He couldn't do anything but ask God if what he was seeing was a miracle or something. Absolutely hilarious. This reaction would have gone absurdly viral if it happens like 15 years after it actually did.

But as awesome as this bomb was, it was only the second best home run Brad Lidge ever gave up. 


Never forget!!!