An Astros Rookie Gave Yadi Molina The Dikembe Mutombo Finger Wave, Yadi Dared Him To Steal And You'll NEVER Guess What Happened Next

I had to go back to Sunday for this play because it was so awesome and deserves more attention. Yadi Molina is back for what I believe is his 56th season as the Cardinals' backstop. He's still out there in Spring Training getting his reps in and playing ball. So he's behind the dish and a rookie pinch-runner is on first. Might as well be a baby gazelle on the Savannah with a pride of lions waiting there. The rookie, Jose Siri, takes a lead and the pitcher throws over. Just keeping him close, no big deal. Next pitch Molina calls for an outside fastball and whips it back to first. Siri dives back and for some reason decides to talk shit to the future Hall Of Famer. He gives him a Dikembe Mutombo finger wave as to say "nah, can't get me." Yadi stares DAGGERS at this kid and motions towards second as if to say "steal the base then, go for it." It was at this moment, Siri messed up. 

Couple pitches later Yadi calls for a changeup and Siri takes off. Molina guns down to second and Siri doesn't even have a chance. It was a gem of a throw and the runner was legit out by 3-4 feet. I mean you come at the king you best not miss, and Siri missed bad. Imagine talking shit and taunting one of the best catchers ever, and then getting completely embarrassed. And the look Yadi gives to him as he's walking off the field, I'd have paid to hear Molina mic'd up for this. This was an awesome back and forth and Yadi came out on top, theres a reason he's one of the best defensive catchers ever, even at his age. That kid should never have a green light again as long as he lives, trying to call your shot and then having that outcome, not a good look.