What Were You Doing At The Age Of 20? I Bet You Weren't Hitting Balls As Far As Bobby Witt Jr Did Today

484 FEET?!?!? Bobby Witt Jr is 20 years old and hitting balls farther than your favorite player. He was the #2 overall pick in 2019 behind Adley Rutschman and you can see why. Straight out of high school that year so he's still growing into his body and getting stronger, but this is an absolute monster bomb. All the way up the hill and onto the concourse just beneath the scoreboard. For 20 years old he sure does have some grown man strength. Leaves the announcer speechless too. You know you got ahold of it when you see the people on top of the hill looking UP at the ball and watching it fly over their heads. This kid is going to be an absolute stud and it's going to be a hell of a time watching him grow and develop. Seems like the power is MLB ready though, Royals are building some nice down there. Gonna be a team to watch in the future for sure. My guess is Witt Jr is going to be putting on a show in a home run derby or 2. Now go back and watch this majestic blast again.