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More People Watched Oprah Interview Meghan and Harry Than the Average NFL Game in 2020

I figured the number of people who watched Oprah interview Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be somewhere in the neighborhood of "everyone and their mothers", but even I was shocked when I saw that 17 million people watched this thing. You can't get 17 million people to watch anything on linear television outside of sports these days.

The 17 million figure is just shy of the 18.7 million people who watched the College Football Playoff title game between Alabama and Ohio State, which was horrible for a sporting event of that magnitude but great for a sit-down interview. It also out-paces the average NFL viewership from last season, which was just over 15 million. And that still doesn't even count all the people who will watch on demand and streaming in the coming days. I suppose spilling the tea really does bring people in.

I tuned in for about five minutes just to have some idea of what everybody was tweeting about, but I honestly don't really get the whole Royal Family deal. It was my understanding we fought a war to tell those losers to fuck off so we didn't have to care about this sort of thing. But hey, I'm all for whatever anybody is into — and it turns out a lot of people are into drama concerning the British.