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Shocking! The LIRR Is Back To Being Packed & It Truly Looks Like Hell On Earth

Hell. Actual Hell.

The LIRR has always been one of the dumbest companies around. Everything usually sucks when you think the LIRR. Penn Station. The commute. The crowds. The delays. Everything. The only good part used to be the beer vendors hanging out on the track selling tall boys and they even had to go and TAKE THAT AWAY. For being the #1 public transit provider in the country it's the Chris Davis of trains. Grossly overpay for a monthly pass ($270, lol) for WAY below average production.

I am an honest man though and I will say they've actually been doing decent during the pandemic up until now. Pre-covid there was peak tickets & off peak tickets which they've now waved to make everything off peak. The off peak life 24/7 is the best life. There's also just been way more seats available which I should obviously chalk up to covid & not the LIRR doing their jobs better, but I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt.

Yet all that ended today when it returned to its true form. And I'm no Stephen Hawking but I think I can comprehend that less trains would equal more people being crammed in to the fewer train cars...Just my thoughts though! Fucking LIRR. A stain on Long Island's existence.