BOOM! Chicago Gives Sox and Cubs The Go Ahead For Fans In Stands In April

Okay now obviously this is Bruce Levine so we have to take it with a small grain of salt, but this goes in conjunction with everything I've heard and what Dave Kaplan has said over the last 2 weeks or so.... and thank fucking god. 25% for both teams is about 10,000 fans and ya know what? Beggars can't be choosers, so let's ride. I would imagine with the vaccine rollout that we'll see a gradual increase in allowed attendance as well, but then again Chicago might Chicago and Illinois might Illinois so who knows. 

EDIT: Garfein makes it official, let's fucking go!!! 

As does Chicago's Mayor, who's the only word that matters:

And speaking of vaccine rollout, the UC is set to become a mass vaccination site starting this Wednesday:

Notice that it's still only for those 65+ in age - that's fine. The older you are, the more severe COVID can be for someone who has it, and that's just a fact. We've already vaccinated a LOT of older people that number will grow by a shit ton soon. Young people can handle this virus just fine for the most part (obviously there are exceptions to that rule) so as vaccinations increase for the elderly, hospitalizations and other shit will continue to decrease as we move on to younger and healthier groups. My point is this - most of the people that NEED protection from this thing should be protected come April and then come May, most people who want a shot should be able to get one no problem unless something goes extremely wrong. 

Illinois has been vaccinating over 90K people a day for the last few weeks, and that number should shoot up by a LOT with Johnson and Johnson's 1 dose vaccine making it's way to Illinois and Pfizer/Moderna pumping out a shit ton more doses for Americans as a whole. 

It's going to be a GREAT summer. It's going to be like the Roaring 20s all over again after the last year of awfulness we've all had. Dante wrote about this last week. YOU'VE ALL BEEN WARNED!!! Cannot wait to be in Lot B on opening day. The White Sox are going to fucking dominate


PS - we have Tim Anderson coming on Red Line Radio this week - it's going to be an awesome interview and TA is always a great quote. Dude is the absolute best off the field, one of the best short stops in baseball on it. Cannot wait for this one, we record Wednesday with him and it drops first thing in the morning Thursday. 

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