It Was Very Cool To See Jaylen Brown And Jayson Tatum Both Flourish In The All Star Game

Joe Murphy. Getty Images.

The All Star appearance of both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum was certainly a hot button topic among Celtics fans. You had the hot take artists and the trolls out there who FREAKED THE FUCK OUT that they were not only playing, but were also participating in the 3PT Contest. Your classic mad just to be situation. On some level I get it, Kemba's participating and the fact that he blew through his minutes restriction messed his knee up that he's still dealing with. That was real. Thanks a lot Nick Nurse. 

But what I never understood was the transition from that to meaning that the Jays were going to experience a similar fate. Like Jaylen's knee tendinitis was going to explode because he was taking some jumpers in a 3PT contest or something. I had real life people come in my mentions and truly believe that Jaylen Brown did not care about winning or championships because he wanted to participate in his first ever All Star game in his hometown. I'm telling you, people were losing their mind a little bit.

Call me crazy, but I find it both entertaining and awesome to watch the two young franchise cornerstone players participate in the All Star weekend. I'm not really sure when that became a negative. Does that happen with other fanbases? I'm of the strange belief that it's always better to have All Stars than not have All Stars. And while neither really did all that much in the 3PT Contest, the actual game was a much different story. They Jays were awesome

Jaylen finished 8-12 with 5 3PM, Tatum finished with 21 on 9-16, it's hard to complain about what we saw. Both looked healthy, Jaylen especially looked super aggressive, and whatever I find what they did last night very cool. They looked like they belonged on a court that had the best players in the world on it. Then you hear some of the quotes from Jaylen after the game


and I can't imagine how any Celtics fan doesn't feel great today. Currently still on the high of winning 4 straight, you throw in the fact that their two best players had themselves a great showing on the NBA's big night and it feels great to finally have something positive to talk about after how up and down that first half was.

That's important to remember too. It's OK to enjoy what happened last night and still not be thrilled with the inconsistency we saw in the first 36 games. Nobody is saying that changes anything or that the Celts still don't have a lot of work to do to make up for their underachievement. But take a fucking second and appreciate something cool. It won't hurt. There are not many teams in the league that have a couple of 20 something All Stars. 

The hope is now that this is over with and the Jays can get some rest and the roster in general can get healthy, that this team hits the second half running. Who knows, this weekend could be just the thing that got Tatum his shooting rhythm back. I'm just happy that not only did they not get hurt, but they played about as well as you could ask. I look forward to many more All Star weekends just like this one.

Now please start winning real basketball games that count. That is all I ask.